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2017-07-31 06:23:07 by Demon-Wolf


Round 2 - Current round

Round 1 - Previous round

Thank you.


2017-05-27 13:17:29 by Demon-Wolf

Check this contest out :

A music contest held biweekly, just 'cause.

I made a song too and managed to get 3rd place ! Have a listen :


The end, for now.

2017-03-07 13:37:50 by Demon-Wolf

Hi, I've just posted the third and final act of Lines On Paper.

Our artist has escaped from his demon, but he can still see his chains.

He is now free to roam the land of his imagination, but everything remains for him to build, if he wants his special place to be more than a wasteland.

Have a listen :


Part 2.

2017-03-06 12:59:07 by Demon-Wolf

Here is Part 2 of Lines on Paper.

We wanted to convey that sometimes, in order to change yourself, a part of you has to die.

You can find it here :


Tomorrow, I will post the final act.

Bonne écoute.

A little side project.

2017-03-05 15:14:16 by Demon-Wolf

I will be posting over the next two days a three part project, that my friend and I made two years ago, called Lines On Paper.

It tells the story of an artist struggling to overcome his internal demon.

Part one :

Bonne écoute.

Hi everyone, I made a remix for larrynachos :

Please enjoy and let me know what you think.


2016-11-26 11:44:42 by Demon-Wolf

You ever felt you were right about to have your life under control, only for it to explode in a million tiny pieces ?

no, me neither

anyway here's a song that has absolutely nothing to do with all that

enjoy while you still can

50 fans !

2016-11-10 13:26:50 by Demon-Wolf

I reached my first goal ! 50 fans ! Thanks to anyone who left kind reviews, that really warms my heart. And for those who begged for a download option, i didn't forget you. you can download Safehouse, Chrysalis, Freeman and S!C!!A!!! in one makeshift EP here.

All I ask is please follow me on newgrounds if you haven't already. Every single thought counts.

Alright, next stop : 100 fans !

No more ghetto BS

Still fakebit though


aw jeah i'm bacc

2016-10-14 06:01:49 by Demon-Wolf

Back with my homie Colette droppin some fire